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May 31, 2013
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MNG - Aoi Misora by Alisuchi MNG - Aoi Misora by Alisuchi


Omfg-- here's my last minute app :iconpapmingplz: I'm so slow. I also had to rush with the history and all that ugh. Gomensai. --- :iconlazycryplz: ...What are abs //sobs

Name: Aoi Misora [Yeah, I know Misora means 'Beautiful sky' and Aoi means 'Blue'. So, let's just say his name means 'Blue Sky'.]

Age: 16

Height: 166cm || 5'5

Weight: 53kg

DOB: April 28

Year: Sophomore



+His Brother
+Beta fish
+Night time
+Hair clips
+The ocean
+Sour/Spicy food
+Swimming obviously
+Being with other people


-Attention seekers
-Getting messed with
-Being ignored


Aoi is a laid-back person, lazing around at some times. Always with a gentle smile on his lips, Aoi will worriedly ask you if you trip over something and fell on the ground. He won’t hesitate to extend out a hand to help you and will never refuse a friend request.( if he finds you in some use. And he's too kind for his own good.) Despite his positive character, he may have mood swings if you get on his negative side. He maybe was still smiling, a second later he can already using dagger eyes to glare at you with a killing intend. So you wouldn't want to mess with him or get on his nerves.


Aoi was born into an average family with a mother, a father and a older brother. He was loved by his parents, and had a loving overprotective brother; maybe his family didn't live in a rich/luxurious life, but there was nothing more he could ask for. When he was eleven years old, his family decided to visit the beach. While they were at the beach, Aoi took a dip into the salty ocean water that bordered the beach. He didn't know how to swim but his brother joined in and taught him how to swim. He was fascinated by his brother's swimming skills and it made him want to become as good as him.

When Aoi had his free time, he would go to the ocean near by with his brother and practice his swimming. He was frustrated that he couldn't swim correctly but he never gave up. His brother would give him a hand and cheer on for him. He also showed Aoi some swimming styles. He was introduced to freestyle swimming which he very much had interests in and tried this style out. It turned out he was actually very good swimming in this style.


4 years passed. His brother went off to college, leaving Aoi all by himself, though he still had his parents by his side as well as his friends. But, some days he just wanted to run away due to the fact that his parents have recently started arguing every night. It was always about him.

"Aoi's a good boy, so he should be able to look after other children!"

"No, I think Aoi should do something more manly.."

"That's not like Aoi! He's more suited to this!"

He couldn't choose between the both of his parents, He loved both equally. It was so difficult for him... If he did choose would they hate him...? Would they not love him anymore? He didn't want to lose their bond.

"Aoi, would you like to play soccer or something like karate?"

"Eh?! Soccer and Karate? My Aoi is going to private lessons!"

"And is that what Aoi said he wanted?!"

The fight continued on until they've decided to get a divorce and both ask him which who'd he rather stay with.

"You're my ideal son after all."

With that in mind the little boy distanced himself more and more from all the people and eventually completely shut everyone out. He didn't know how to reply to the both of them, knowing he did not want to disappoint neither of them.


"I can't leave Aoi to you people who can think of nothing but themselves!"

That's when his brother finally came back home for a visit after hearing about his parents' divorce. He was glad his brother came to take him in for himself, leaving his parents behind. He didn't want to deal with them anymore. It was overwhelming him. He knew his brother was the only one who actually cares for him.

Time passed by while living with his brother. They would go to the ocean like they used to back then and practice swimming. As time went by, Aoi improved each time they visited the ocean. His brother asked Aoi if he could attend MNG since he had a passion for swimming and he also did not want him to stay home alone while he was away for college. He accepted the offer and attended there, hoping to meet new people who had the same interests as him.

Additional Info:

-He'll yell at you if you get on his nerves
-Has a habit of nibbling on his finger when he's thinking of something/or is nervous
-Wakes up very early in the morning...
-Wears a hair clip to keep the hair out of his face
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